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Aleksandar is the only Microsoft MVP in Serbia who specializes in Microsoft Excel.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you...?

  • wanted to apply for a position, but it was necessary to know Excel at a more advanced level than yours
  • moved to a new position and received an Excel file that is too complicated for your current knowledge
  • spent a lot of time trying to solve a problem in Excel and then spent hours and hours researching a solution on Google and again you didn’t solve the problem
  • stated in your CV that your Excel knowledge is advanced and then hoped that no one would check it
  • do too many things manually, and you realize there is a way to automate processes but you just don’t know the ropes
  • would complete tasks at work more efficiently, but only if you were more adept at Excel
  • are a company owner, and you want to have organized and clear clients records, automate the creation of invoices, etc. and create analytics easily
  • wanted to spend more time on something you love to do and focus on your work, instead of researching the solution in Excel.


✅ Improve your work performance

✅ Earn reward bonuses thanks to your solution

✅ Save yourself HOURS at work and use your time on what you enjoy the most

✅ Thanks to the Outliers platform, which will automate your work TODAY by learning Excel through practical examples

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  • Correct, there are numerous free tutorials that you need to watch and find yourself a solution. However, that creates the biggest problem. You don’t acquire structured knowledge in a systematic way- you just superficially learn how to Copy – Paste solutions from the tutorial, and when you need a more complex problem to solve, you are clueless.
  • You’ll have huge knowledge gaps because you’ve only watched segments. Consequently, when you get a file at work that contains complex formulas you won’t be able to understand it, and even more importantly, you won’t be able to modify or improve it.
  • You spend way too much time searching for the right solution on YouTube and you end up without the best solution you need.
  • You don’t have the support to ask a question if you are stuck or if something doesn’t work as it is shown in the tutorial.

On the Outliers platform, you acquire SYSTEMATIZED KNOWLEDGE and I guide you from the beginning until the end, together with my team, to AUTOMATE all your reports and processes.

I will teach you all the Excel tricks I have used in my 7 years of corporate experience.

Take advantage of the most wanted tool for the best job.
Save time. Create new opportunities.

  • You will solve analytical tasks at work easier and make better review reports
  • You will improve your business if you are an entrepreneur or employee, you will use better records of customers, products, suppliers, and purchase orders,…
  • You will be well prepared to interview for a new job or test candidates if you work in Human Resources.
  • You will be more creative and thorough in solving tasks
  • You will feel more comfortable working in Excel and after the course, you will be able to use up all benefits at an advanced level
  • You will automate redundant steps in business processes
  • You will learn over 70 shortcuts and formulas for faster work
  • You will make clear presentations and reports

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Frequently Asked Questions

I am Aleksandar Grasic and I will be your mentor on your improvement path.

  • I am the founder of the educational platform “Outliers”, which aims to contribute in an interactive, interesting, and practical way to individuals and companies to achieve outstanding results in the company’s business.
  • I founded the @excel.grasic community on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok with over 65,000 members.
  • Winner of the 2021 Office Most Valuable Professional Award in Office Apps & Services.
  • Lecturer on the Masterbox platform presenting a course
    “Microsoft Excel in Marketing”.
  • I am a collaborator on educational projects Peterhof Consulting & EDU with courses “Business Analysis in Excel Vo.1 ″ and “Business Analysis in Excel Vo.2”.
  • Lecturer at the National Academy of Public Administration.
  • Created a course for the IT community in cooperation with the Startit Center Belgrade.
  • I graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade in the Department of Statistics, Informatics and Quantitative Finance, after which I continued my master’s studies in the module Quantitative Analysis, Department of Informatics. During my studies, I was a scholarship holder of the Fund for the Development of Young Talents – Dositej Obradovic, the endowment of Milivoj Jovanovic and Luka Celovic, as well as the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.
  • After graduating, I started my career working at Telenor Bank as a market researcher and later continued at Telenor as a telecommunications analyst.
  • I continued my personal development at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, where I worked as a lecturer on the courses Basics of Economics and Basics of Statistical Analysis, as well as on the course Microsoft Office package for final year students. 2018. In 2018, I was a member of the commission for compiling and reviewing assignments at the Republic competition for high school students in Business Informatics.
  • At the same time, I worked on Data science projects of the Republic Bureau of Statistics.
  • In the FinTech industry, I continued my training in the company (eFront – BlackRock) and worked on the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the automation of data collection, processing and analysis.
  • I am also engaged as a Community Manager of the Serbian AI Society, which brings together experts in the field of artificial intelligence worldwide.